1. The Chapman Hybrid Mk 3
      The Chapman Hybrid Mk 3
    • Hydraulic lift camera dolly
    • Universal Stop valve
    • Heating System
    • Valve Control Handle
    • Mitchell 4-Way leveling head (Hybrid)
    • Closed End Wrench (Hybrid / Hustler)
    • 12” Cam Riser with Castle ring
    • Camera Dolly seat
    • Swivel seat with collar
    • Long lift push bar
    • 24” Long lift pin
    • Front board
    • Side board
    • Short pin, Medium pin
    • Medium tires set of 8
    • Pneumatic tyres set of 8
    • Steadicam platform w 18” base
    • Adapter, Hybrid Steadicam
    • Pins – Aircraft ¼” x 1 ½
    • Sidebar with crossbar, steadicam platform
    • Adapter, Hybrid 90 deg plate nose
    • Lead box, Hybrid (counter balance)
    • Coated weight 27 ½ Lbs
  2. The Chapman PeeWee Mk 3 Plus
      The Chapman PeeWee Mk 3 Plus
    • Hydraulic lift camera dolly
    • New Leveling Head Locks into 4 Different Positions
    • Built-In Riser Adjusts without Removing the Camera
    • New Arm Design Increases Vertical Travel and Rigidity
    • Hardened Stainless Steel Bushings
    • Compact and Lightweight for Travel and Storage
    • Universal Stop Valve Allows Feathered Stops
    • Universal Stop Valve Allows Precise, Repetitive Moves
    • Universal Stop Valve Allows Settings on Upper and Lower Stops
    • New Control Valve Design is Faster and Quiet While Allowing Smooth Stops
    • New Wheel Composition Allows Increased Rigidity as well as Silent Operation on Track
    • New Wheel Composition Allows Easier Steering and Maneuverability
    • Many Accessories Available
      • 12" Camera Riser (Mitchell 100)
      • 2 - Complete Dolly Seats
 12" Dolly Seat Riser
      • Universal Leveling Head
 Universal Low Plate
      • Universal Stop Valve
 4-Way Leveling/Swing Head
      • Front Board
 Narrow Side Board
      • Set of 8 Medium Tires Set of 8 Pneumatic Tires
  3. The Panther Classic
    Panther Classic Dolly
    • Electric lift camera dolly
    • 4 Batteries,
    • 2 x chargers,
    • High-Low-Rig,
    • Seat Adapter + Footrest for Low Rig,
    • Counter balance rod,
    • Low Platform heat insulated eccentric seat & seat extensions (assorted),
    • digital handset & cable,
    • steering rod with insert for handset,
    • turnstile extension, Kombi wheel with soft studio wheels Column cover,
    • Gore Tex Rain cover,
    • Telescopic Push bar system
    • Panther precision stainless steel track
    • Pneumatic wheel (8 pcs. = 1 set) 8 +
    • Wheel changing tool - Wheel locking bar, long & short
    • Mitchell Kombi Adapter Kombi Ball Adapter
    • Combi offset bracket Mitchell plate Compact platform Round platform
    • Long Offset Bracket
    • Bowl 150 mm
    • Connector Pin x 3
  4. Panther Twister Dolly – Doorway dolly with Front, Rear or Roundy steering. Includes a crane turret mount with Euro Boss adaptor.
  5. Western Dolly
  6. Underslung Captive Dolly – For rigging in trains, planes, automobiles – or anywhere else
  7. Skateboard dollies
  8. Porta Glide 32 wheel channels


  1. The Panther Foxy Advanced Modular Crane
  2. Foxy Mini Crane
Giraffe Long Ranger Crane

Remote Head

  1. Talon 2 axis remote head with Joystick, wheels or pan bar control


Giraffe Long Ranger Crane
  1. Steadicam Ultra 2 Sled with HD electronics.
  2. Integrated Super Post for extreme High or Low angles
  3. Motorised and programmable camera stage
  4. 12/24 volt electricals
  5. Gyro stabilisers – Kenyon KS 6 and KS 8
  6. Preston MDR2 and HU3 for remote focus and iris control
  7. Steadicam Rickshaw
  8. Steadicam dolly platform – only with Hybrid dolly
  9. Mitchell and Scaffold hard mount

Additional Grip Support Equipment

  1. Aluma Beam - Track Levelling system – 2 sets x 13 ft each
  2. Griptech® Vibration Isolator
  3. Magliner Carts
  4. Assorted Taco Carts, Ply and Dancefloor Carts
  5. Utility Grip Cart  X 3

Megadeck / Steeldeck

  1. 8’ x 4’ steel frames, with 19mm marine ply tops.
  2. Also available as 4’x4’ and 2’x4’
  3. Quick stage construction. Capable of supporting loads of upto 1 tonne per square metre.
  4. Each frame comes with 3sets of 6 square profile legs – 1ft, 2ft and 3ft.
  5. Each frame comes with 4 screw jack levellers.

Rigging Kit

  1. Low Levelling head, Bowl lock off, Scaff to Euro adaptor, Bowl offset (very fast, flexible rigging setup for cameras ranging from Arri 235, 435, ArriCam LT, Panavision MilleniumXL)
  2. Heavy Duty 4 way leveller for very heavy camera setups.
  3. 90 Degree Clamps, Swivel Clamps – Forged steel as well as pressed metal.
  4. Suction Scaffold Clamp fittings for Rigging of Camera and Lights on Glass, Automobiles etc,
  5. Uni Body Clamps (heavy duty starters for 48mm rigging)
  6. 5/8th rigging kit (multiposition clamps and tubes – 5/8th inch – matching C-stand arm diameter) perfect for low profile, light weight rigging, such as body rigs, rigging on bicycles,
  7. 1” rigging kit. (multipurpose clamps and tubes – 1 inch for heavier duty applications) Rigging for strength and low profile- much less intrusive than standard 48mm (Speedrail 1.5 inch)
  8. Speedrail Fittings (48mm) for rigging camera, frames etc.,
  9. Screw Jack Wall Spreaders for Interior Rigging of lights,Camera and backdrops,
  10. Bungee Rig - overhead swivel rig , auto mount for bungi rig with quick release.
  11. Assortment of speedrail tube.
  12. Cable and Vectran flying rigs – we use high speed low friction Harken blocks, sheaves and pulleys. We use modern materials such as Dyneema, Vectran and Technora to create ultra strong and versatile cable rigs. When budget dictates, we can also work with steel cables and pulley rigs.


We have 8 complete sets of scuba gear with tools and expertise to rig underwater. We can also work with closed circuit surface supplied equipment for large or complicated rigging jobs. We can undertake complex underwater rigging jobs and can work under very difficult conditions. On the Bourne Supremacy, we salvaged a car that was crashed off a bridge into zero visibility water of a tidal river in under 15 minutes.


  1. Skateboard Dolly (32 wheel Channel dolly) with soft silicone compound wheels.
  2. Bean bags / Cine saddle
  3. Apple Boxes (1 Set = 8",4",2",1")
  4. Crates of Packing (Wedges, Flat Packers & Paganinis)
  5. Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Powerdrill, Angle Grinder, Welding Machine, Cordless 18 volt Sabre Saw
  6. Comprehensive Tool Kit
  7. Dry wall screws and screw gun, Assorted Hardware - Bolts, Screws, Washers etc
  8. Clamps - Cardellini®, Maffer®, C-Clamps With Rigging Arms
  9. Ratchet Straps x 45 and slings
  10. Ropes, Sandbags, Pegs etc.
  11. DeWalt Cordless 24v Demolition Hammer Drill
  12. Moy / Mitchell 4-way leveler to Euro Adaptor
  13. Assorted Selection of Scaffold Tubing for Rigging
  14. Grovel Pads x 2, Furniture Quilts x 2, Steady Bag , Sound Blankets x 4
  15. Bazooka Base and rigid risers


  1. Oconnor 2575C Fluid Head (Moy / Mitchell) – With Cardellini Head Lock
  2. Oconnor Heavy Duty Tripods – Tall, Short and HiHat (Moy / Mitchell)
  3. Lambda 2 axis Underslung Fluid Head (Moy / Mitchell)
  4. Lambda 3 axis Nodal Fluid Head (Moy / Mitchell)
  5. MovieTech® Low Level Friction Head
  6. Ladder Pod Camera Mount
  7. Ronford Baker 48” Slide and Glide
  8. Panther 60” Slider
  9. Overhead Track and Underslung Dolly – Can be rigged for simultaneous tracking on X & Y axes
  10. 3 foot & 4 foot Rostrums
  11. Dolly Track – Panther Precision Stainless Steel Track